• Honorary Member

    Irena Veisaitė

    Dr. Irena Veisaitė – together with prof. Česlovas Kudaba – was a founder and long-term chairperson of the OLF's board (since 1990). She is a literary and theater scholar and serves as a board member for numerous non-governmental organizations, such as the Open Society Institute in Budapest. She was a member of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, and a member of the Arts Council of the Ministry of Culture.

  • Chairperson

    Milda Ališauskienė

    Dr. Milda Ališauskienė is a sociologist, scholar of religion, an associate professor and head of Department of Sociology at Vytautas Magnus University. Her research interests include the role of religion in modern society, religious diversity, religious fundamentalism and the formation of new religions. She serves as the President for the International Society for the Study of New Religions (ISSNR), general secretary for International Study of Religion in Eastern and Central Europe Association (ISORECEA) and as a member of the executive board of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR).

  • Audra Čepkauskaitė

    Audra Čepkauskaitė is a journalist, producer and editor at the Lithuanian National Radio and Television, LRT. Her radio programs cover current affairs and explores problematic fields – e. g., social justice, equality and diversity, women rights, environment, religion and culture. She holds a MA in history and philosophy of science and technologies and is a member of an informal network of Lithuanian journalists Initiative for Journalistic Integrity and a professional network European journalists for diversity.

  • Domas Dargis

    Domas Dargis is a managing director of EIKA, a group of companies for real estate development, management and construction. He holds a BA in business management and MA in real estate. He is the chairman of the board at Global Lithuanian Leaders, a high impact non-profit platform, which builds global opportunities for the Lithuanian economy by connecting professionals of Lithuanian descent in various countries.

  • Aleksandras Dobryninas

    Dr. Aleksandras Dobryninas is a professor at the Department of Sociology and the Head of the Centre for the Criminology Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University (VU). Graduating from VU as a mathematician, he holds Doctoral degrees in Philosophy and Sociology. His research interests lie in the area of the theoretical aspects of criminological knowledge, media and crime, corruption, and homicide problems.

  • Ovidijus Lukošius

    Ovidijus Lukošius is an editor-in-chief and publisher of "IQ", "IQ Life" and "The World in…" magazines. He is also a co-owner of numerous other magazines and regional newspapers. He earned his MA in journalism from Vilnius University.

  • Nerijus Milerius

    Dr. Nerijus Milerius is an associate professor at the Department of Philosophy, Vilnius University. He received his Diploma of Advanced Studies at Paris XII University and earned his Doctoral degree in philosophy at VU. He is a member of the Council of the Lithuanian Society for Philosophy. He used to serve as a chair of various respectable juries and was a member of the committee of Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts.

  • Jūratė Novagrockienė

    Dr. Jūratė Novagrockienė is a head of Political Science Department at the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. Her research interests relate to development of democracy in Lithuania and transformation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Member of the board at (previously – president of) Lithuanian Political Science Association. She was also appointed by the Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament to the Commission of Judges‘ Ethic and Discipline.

  • Aurimas Švedas

    Dr. Aurimas Švedas is an associate professor at the Faculty of History, Vilnius University. He is also known as a cultural critic. The main area of his research is history of historiography, history politics, oral history, and communicative and cultural memory. He earned his MA and PhD in history at Vilnius University.

  • Justinas Žilinskas

    Dr. Justinas Žilinskas is a professor at the Institute of International and EU Law at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU). He acts as an expert for various governmental-level working groups and is a member of International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission. He was a senior advisor and head of the International Law and EU Law Section at the Legal Department of the Office of the Lithuanian Parliament and was a head of International Relations Department, Senior Research Fellow at Law Institute of Lithuania. He is also known as a fiction writer and free-lance publicist.


  • Director

    Sandra Adomavičiūtė

  • Director of Finance

    Julija Motiejūnienė

  • Programs Director

    Marta Gadeikienė

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