NGO sector enabling

The time has come for Lithuania to have a society that is based on the norms of critical thinking, rule of law, responsibility, and accountability, all of which are publicly accepted and practically implemented by its citizens and authorities.

The OLF aims to make these changes in cooperation with local communities and by consolidating the efforts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Other activities of the OLF in 2017 include the implementation of projects in problematic regions, engaging in the analysis of and advocacy for non-governmental sector funding, encouraging the establishment of an NGO foundation, and conducting training programs and visibility campaigns.

NGO Fund (Agency for the Civil Society Development)

The Open Lithuania Foundation gathered a group of NGOs (over 20 organizations) in order to consolidate the efforts advocating the creation of the NGO Fund financed from the State budget. The need for such joint NGO advocacy was bolstered by the inclusion of the NGO Fund establishment in the current Lithuanian Government programme.

Following the focus groups and discussions with the NGOs, government officials, study visits to the similar funds and in collaboration with NGO Council, NGO Fund feasibility study has been published (in Lithuanian) and presented at various meetings with the NGOs and government official promoting the establishment of the NGO Fund as a long-term strategic measure aimed at strengthening the civil society in Lithuania.

The engaged NGOs continue with their advocacy efforts promoting the establishment of the NGO Fund in the meetings with the related Ministries, members of the Parliament, the Offices of the Prime Minister and of the President. In the meeting with the NGOs held on the 18th of April, the Prime Minister S.Skvernelis have expressed his support for the creation of the NGO Fund.

Moreover, the OLF constantly provides feedback to the proposed amendments of legal frameworks affecting the NGOs.

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