The search for the Idea of Europe (I)




street Didžioji 5, Vilnius, Lietuva



The 1st discussion: THE FATE OF EUROPEAN DREAM.

Irena Veisaitė, Vytautas Landsbergis,

Rytis Zemkauskas, Donatas Puslys,

and Aurimas Švedas (moderator).

April 27 will see the beginning of the OLF’s long-term cycle of events entitled “The search for the Idea of Europe”. Each of the ten discussions will raise a different current topic, relevant problem, or controversy. Renowned intellectuals and public figures from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and the U.S. will discuss, for example, the transformation of European identity in the 21st century, the fate of Europe as a geopolitical and sociocultural formation in the face of increasing nationalism and the rise of the radical right, as well as possible strategies for the Lithuanian state as the EU project experiences radical change or even failure.

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