“Make Sense!”




Birštonas, Kaunas district, Lithuania



On September 8-9th, 2017, a great exchange of ideas will take place in a prized resort town Birštonas: the biggest gathering of citizens creating a state of well-being – for each and everyone who cares about Lithuania and its future. The discussions’ days “MAKE SENSE!” (in Lithuanian – “BŪTENT!”)  will attract proactive and smart people of every age, representing business, government, science, education, and culture. The main initiators and organizers are: Partners: Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences (Vilnius University) and Lithuanian Youth Council. The program  is available at www.diskusijufestialis.lt (in Lithuanian).

Key people on the organizing team; among them – head of OLF Sandra Adomavičiūtė and project manager Marta Čubajevaitė (center).

  MISSION, LONG-TERM GOALS WHAT, WHEN, WHERE   Together with partners, the OLF will strive to make this event a traditional annual assembly. At the discussions days, YOUR voice and ideas is important. Join us! Come alone, take your family/ friends with you. From some Lithuanian cities and towns, a special OLF bus will take you to Birstonas. So come along – the ride is on the OLF! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to find out our news.      

Sponsors and partners