Advisory council


  • Director

    Sandra Adomavičiūtė

  • Programs Director ( maternity leave )

    Marta Gadeikienė

  • Communication Manager

    Agnė Žemaitytė

  • Project Coordinator

    Gabija Jakimavičiūtė

  • Programs Director

    Giedrė Tumosaitė

  • Project Manager

    Živilė Kubilienė

  • Junior Project Manager

    Aigustė Starkutė



  • Honorary Member

    Dr. Irena Veisaitė

    Irena together with prof. Česlovas Kudaba was a founder and long-term chairperson of the OLF's board (since 1990). She is a literary and theater scholar and serves as a board member for numerous non-governmental organizations.

  • Dr. Krzystof Czyzewski

    Social activist, theater producer, essayist and publisher, "Paribio fondas" founder (Sejny, Poland).

  • Skirma Kondratas

    Former Deputy Minister of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania, pedagogue, translator, appraiser of social programs, economist and socio-economic analyst in Washington, USA, Advisor to the Prime Minister, former advisor to President Valdas Adamkus.

  • Dr. Kęstutis K. Girnius

    Journalist, philosopher, publicist, politician, educator, historian.

  • Dr. Rūta Kačkutė

    Doctor of History, Director of the Lithuanian National Museum, former cultural advisor to the President of the Republic of Lithuania.

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