Autumn school for young researchers of the European history

Categories: NewsPublished On: 2020 October, 7

On the 4-8th of October, an autumn school for young researchers, interested in European history and its impact on the present, started in Wojnowic castle. This program includes a variety of topics from the history of politics to the liberation movements in the 20th century and political transformations in Eastern and Central Europe. Special attention is paid to the year 1989, the time of great transformations and changes that redrew the map of Europe. Since the events of 1989 became a point of confrontation between different political visions, they are worth rethinking today, in the light of emerging anti-democratic and anti-European political forces in the region.

The four-day program includes both seminars and Oxford-style discussions, as well as visits to various historical places associated with the Solidarity Movement in Krakow.

The school is a part of the project “Rethinking the Democratic Future: Lessons from the 20th Century” organized by the Open Lithuania Foundation’s partner in Poland – Jan Nowak- Jeziorński (College of Eastern Europe /New Eastern Europe). The aim of this project is to rethink the legacy of democratic revolutions in the context of the current forms of political activism and civil disobedience and to honour the 30th anniversary by debating on democracy, freedom, active citizenship, and the future of Europe. This project is funded by the European commission’s program “Europe for Citizens”.