What do the candidates promise in terms of human rights and democracy?

This year Lithuania will have three important elections: the presidential election in May, the European Parliament elections in June, and the Parliamentary elections in October.

It is important to discern what kind of future our candidates promise in terms of fundamental human rights issues and how their proposals will affect democracy in Lithuania. That’s why we will be collaborating with other organizations, academics, businesses and the media to monitor and assess the candidates, their programs and public statements.



Civic participation is the active involvement of citizens in public life and decision-making processes. It means that citizens are not merely passive observers but active contributors to shaping their community and country.

There are many ways to participate in civic life, such as voting in elections, taking part in public hearings, joining non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or volunteering.

Civic participation benefits not only individual citizens, but also society as a whole. It strengthens democracy, enhances the quality of decisions, and promotes social cohesion.

Every citizen can contribute to the well-being of their society by being active and civic.


What can you do if you face challenges and problems in your daily life? For example, discrimination, bad decisions by the government, or injustice? The best solution for making a positive change is to find like-minded people and look for ways to solve these problems – protest, petition, seek dialogue with decision-makers, change the prejudices still abound in our society, etc. This is called social action. How can every citizen contribute to a positive change in society?

Find like-minded people!

It is important to find a community that is passionate about issues you care about – whether it’s human rights, environmental protection, or even dancing, hunting or fishing! Effective communication and cooperation within such communities are vital for everyone’s well-being. If you can’t find an organization that fits your interests or hobbies, you can establish one. Here you can find more information on how to do it.


Volunteering is a great way to get involved and contribute to the common good. Whether participating in clean-up campaigns, assisting the elderly, offering emotional support to young people facing difficulties, or aiding at animal shelters, volunteering fosters a sense of community, usefulness, and positive change as well as helps overcome anxiety. If you don’t know where to volunteer, take a look at the SAVA PLATFORM. Here you will find a comprehensive list of organizations and a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Help financially! 

Many NGOs rely on financial support from citizens to fulfill their missions. So donate to organizations whose work and mission align with your values. You can also donate 1.2% of your income tax to the organization of your choice. There is no extra cost, just fill in a special form at www.vmi.lt.


Politics determine our present and future. While for many politics still seems a distant matter that does not have an impact on our everyday lives, this is not true. Our elected representatives make laws that affect us too. So if we don’t get involved, important decisions are simply made by others. What can you do?


By voting, you can choose what is important to you. When you cast your vote in presidential, municipal, or parliamentary elections, you decide which direction your country will go. According to the data of Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission, the 2023 municipal and council elections attracted 48.93% of voters. A vote cast wisely can have a significant impact on political outcomes.


Political parties and candidates have a better chance of presenting themselves and their ideas if they receive sufficient financial support. Citizens can support political parties by donating a portion of their income tax to the electoral account of a candidate’s party. In 2019, citizens contributed more than €1 million to political parties by donating 0.6% of their income taxes.

Join a political party!

Joining a political party allows citizens to be part of a community of like-minded individuals and actively contribute to shaping political agendas and policies. According to the State Data Agency, at the end of 2022, just over 101 000 people in Lithuania were members of a political party. No matter which way your political pendulum swings, if you, like all politicians, are driven by the ideal of democracy, you can act boldly on this front and make the necessary change.