• Contribute to the development of an open and democratic society.

Is it important for you to work for an organisation that is committed to strengthening civil society and involving vulnerable groups? Do you want to gain experience in analysis, communication, administration, NGO project implementation or any other area of interest? We invite you to become a volunteer in the team of the Open Society Foundation of Lithuania!

Every six months we announce an official call for volunteers, but you can join our team at other times.

You can also do an internship at the Foundation in the field of your choice: communication, development, administration and implementation of NGO projects and programmes, organisation of events and civic actions.

If you are interested, please contact us:

  • Our volunteers:

The Open Lithuania Foundation was the first NGO I ever had the opportunity to join. As I was new to the sector, I wanted to get to know what life is like there, and the best way to do that is to be inside the organisation. The OLF team is very welcoming, sharing and offering fun conversations over a cup of coffee. I think volunteering is first and foremost about people, new acquaintances and experiences, so a good connection is one of the most important things. As for the activities at OLF, they can be various, depending on the volunteer’s wishes and areas of interest. Apart from getting to know the organisational structure of the OLF, I had the opportunity to get in touch with different projects, to find out about the selection phases and the implementation process. Some of the most interesting experiences were taking part in an interview with “Child line” about one of their projects and the Būtent! discussion festival in Birštonas. And this is just a part of what I am taking away from ALF, and I invite you to join the ranks of volunteers and gain new experiences!

Volunteer Liucija