Non-governmental organizations working in the fields of democracy and human rights play a vital role in building fairer and more sustainable societies.

  • They strengthen democracy: NGOs monitor the government, fight against corruption, and promote civic participation. They also advocate for the rights of minorities and strive for equal opportunities for all citizens.
  • They defend human rights: NGOs fight against discrimination, violence, and oppression. They provide assistance to vulnerable groups such as refugees, disabled individuals, and children.
  • They build fairer societies: NGOs fight against poverty and inequality while promoting tolerance and understanding among different groups.
  • They empower citizens: NGOs equip citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively engage in societal life.
  • They have a positive impact on society as a whole: By strengthening democracy, defending human rights, and fostering fairer societies, NGOs contribute to the overall well-being of society.


The Open Lithuania Foundation is one of the largest NGOs in Lithuania, providing financial support to other NGOs. We support projects and organizations working in the fields of democracy, human rights, equality, solidarity and related areas in order to promote the ideas of a more just, inclusive, and respectful society. To help others, we develop large-scale programs and seek international funding opportunities. Therefore, we encourage organizations working in the fields of democracy and human rights and interested in receiving funding to follow the information on our website:

  • Information about calls for proposals where NGOs can apply for funding.
  • Invitations to informational events to find out more about funding opportunities and the application process.


We want NGOs to be more effective in organizing communities, raising funds, and building confidence and trust in their interactions with public authorities and businesses. That’s why we developed a 6-month capacity building program tailored specifically for the NGO sector. The NGO Academy: Social Leaders Program offers training in strategic planning, fundraising, volunteer and community building, communication, and other essential skills. We strive to make this training free of charge, leveraging funding from various international donors, including the European Union.


The following programmes for NGOs are currently being implemented.

This program aims to reduce the incidence of gender-based violence in our society by mobilising and strengthening a wide range of NGOs in this field.

This program is designed to enhance the capabilities of NGOs, particularly those that are smaller in scale or located in regional areas. It encourages them to undertake projects that foster equality, solidarity, and civic participation in their communities.

Financed by the European Economic Area and Norwegian Grants, the fund bolsters Lithuanian civil society’s efforts in addressing issues such as human rights, equality, and democracy. The Open Lithuania Foundation administers the fund together with its partner OSLF Projects.