• Contribute to the mission of the Open Lithuania Foundation and help grow our open civil society.

For almost 30 years, our mission has been an open democratic civil society with actively engaged citizens, an inclusive society that embraces diversity of people, opinions, and voices. We strive for our mission by strengthening civil society NGOs and working with opinion leaders who support the idea of an open society.

What we do:

  • Help the other NGOs to grow and strengthen: provide necessary knowledge and skills; we fund sustainable and long-term growth of organizations; we support initiatives that create real change in society, and we aim to contribute to helping people who remain on the margins of Lithuanian society.
  • Encourage citizens to participate in public policy, join organizations, and reflect on and address issues of importance to the community and the state.
  • We create a space that provides knowledge, skills, community, and other means for the development of Ukraine’s potential for the future.
  • We create a space for a conversation about an open society, inviting people to learn about and practice the principles of democracy, polylogue, the rule of law, human dignity, and rights.

Open Lithuania Foundations is guided by the principles of transparency and accountability, and we invite you to consult our activity reports.

Your support is essential to continue our mission!

  • What do others say about our work?

One of our programs is the NGO Academy, Social Leaders Program. Lukas Danilevičius, head of the organization NOT TO TAKE, BUT TO GIVE shares:

The Academy was a mine of opportunities for us. This program encouraged us to set up an open youth space, which became a youth center after only six months of operation.

The founders of the organization MĖLYNAS MĖNULIS, which provides psychological support to inhabitants of Šiauliai, share:

When we filled in the application we expected to get help for developing our organizations, but here we get not only individual consultations from specialists, knowledge, but also contacts, experience of similar organizations, colleagues, like-minded people, a lot of support, encouragement to move forward.