“Open Lithuania Foundation’s” EU VALUES LT concept wins EU funding

Categories: NewsPublished On: 2022 September 2

“Open Lithuania Foundation’s” EU VALUES LT concept, which strengthens NGOs in the field of human rights, was selected for the European Union’s Citizens, equality, rights and values programme.

EU VALUES LT aims to support and strengthen the capacity of Lithuanian NGOs to integrate and more effectively promote EU values of equality, democratic participation and solidarity.

€2.7 million will be allocated for NGO capacity building and initiatives.

Building on three decades of experience in strengthening Lithuanian civil society, we believe that in order to bring about sustainable value change at the national level, we need to consistently strengthen the NGO sector, in particular regional, remote and advocacy NGOs.

The project focuses on ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees, LGBT+, vulnerable women and children and other NGOs.
NGOs, human rights experts and supporters, follow our news. There will be trainings, networking events, and competitions for your ideas.

EU VALUES LT will be funded by the European Commission through the European Union’s Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values Programme.