The 2020 Sustainability Index of Lithuanian CSOs

Categories: NewsPublished On: 2021 November, 26

The US Agency for International Development, the human development organisation fhi 360 and partner organisations in Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia launch the 2020 Civil Society Organisations Development Report.

In 2020, global society and civil society organisations (CSOs) face new and unusual challenges. The pandemic has affected all dimensions of CSO sustainability, as measured annually by the US Agency for International Development’s CSO Sustainability Index. The twenty-fourth annual CSO Sustainability Report notes that the pandemic has served as a litmus test for the maturity of civil society in Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia – the resilience and vulnerabilities of their organisations.

In Lithuania, as in other countries in the region, the CSO sector has responded to increased demand for services, mobilised resources in pandemic-affected economies, had to find new ways to help vulnerable groups due to quarantine restrictions, and had to find new ways of carrying out their missions in the new environment.

The Centre for Community Change presents the development of Lithuanian CSOs in 2020.

The CSO Sustainability Report for Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia is available in English.