Empowering non-governmental organizations

Categories: NewsPublished On: 2023 June 23

In Open Lithuania Foundation, the Active Citizen Fund operator, we have a tradition of inviting all project implementers to an informal event every year. It is the opportunity to get acquainted, share ideas, and discuss our common challenges. We met on June 9th this year.

Over 40 participants from various organizations interacted, discussed the dangers of burnout and how to manage them, presented their projects, or celebrated the achievements of others.

“We create an informal environment where you can meet people, engage in conversations, build relationships, and it always brings some kind of benefit. Whether it’s a joint project, a shared initiative, or simply friendship. Personally, I strongly believe in the power of such informal interaction,” says Sandra Adomavičiūtė, the leader of Open Lithuania Foundation.

Similar thoughts were expressed by representatives of non-governmental organizations who attended.

“First and foremost, it’s beneficial to look at yourself, certain processes from a distance, and evaluate them. It’s also an environment where you are forced to put your mobile phone aside and temporarily detach from all the affairs,” asserts Andrej Rudanov, representative of the Institute of Life Sciences and Educology.