Talks and Ideas

Simona Merkinaite / What 1989 can (and cannot) teach us

Simona Merkinaite / Historian A. Nikžentaitis: “There is a lot of unreasonable euphoria in Lithuania about the collapse of the Soviet Union”

Simona Merkinaite / Nerija Putinaitė: “In the Soviet era, national elements were used as a substitute for faith”

Transition in Lithuania: rethinking the narrative at Nyla podcast

Simona Merkinaitė / Democracies in Revolt. Rethinking 1989 and the Future of Democracy

The struggle over 1989

Povilas Andrius Stepavičius / In Search of the Middle Way

Manvydas Džiaugys/ Modern Lithuania and Utopian Thinking

Aurimas Švedas / A few thoughts on the discussion with Thomas Hylland Eriksen

It is important to honour people promoting equality and diversity in Lithuania

Rosita Garškaitė / Integration of Muslims in Lithuania and Europe

Milda Ališauskienė/ “Traditional values”, religion and sexual orientation in modern Lithuania: Can they be reconciled?

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