NGOs in Lithuania during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Consequences and Opportunities, 2020 Overview

Categories: ResearchesPublished On: 2021 September, 29

Many NGOs could not properly operate or continue their activities after the quarantine was imposed in March 2020.

The Civil Society Development Foundation of Romania urged the Open Lithuania Foundation and its partners, as well  as 14 other country operators of Active Citizens Funds in other European countries, to prepare and conduct a survey of NGOs. The survey was to focus on the situation of NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic and its threats and consequences for the non-governmental sector.  (The Active Citizens Funds are financed by the EEA and Norway Grants Financial Mechanism.)

The questionnaire was adapted for the Lithuanian context and published in social media on the page of a group unifying Lithuanian NGOs. It was also sent directly to the email addresses of NGOs and  disseminated to other NGO-related platforms. By disseminating the questionnaire broadly, the Open Lithuania Foundation was seeking to gather data about the topical challenges and problems faced by local organizations.

The questionnaire was filled out by 166 organizations / more than a half of them (51,6%) work in the social services, health, and education fields / 8 organizations in human rights/ 4 in advocacy /culture, democracy strengthening, sports/ more than 20 different fields represented in total.

The results of the survey and its overview are available here