Open Satyrical Conversations

Categories: ProjectsPublished On: 2021 August 2

Two prominent public figures: philosopher, journalist, political analyst, social media figure Paulius Gritėnas and lawyer, tv writer Andrius Zimaitis held the discussions in small regional towns of Lithuania (Švenčionys, Tauragė, Alytus, Kėdainiai). In order to make it even more fun other famous people were invited to discuss with them. It was actors and TV hosts Giedrius Savickas and Mantas Stonkus, TV host, producer, writer Rytis Zemkauskas, Vilnius institute for policy analysis media programs director Donatas Puslys, TV writer and author of famous satirical info-show Haroldas Mackevičius.

These conversations invite people to look from different and more satirical perspective to the life and people that surrounds them. Satire gives broad opportunities to reflect current political situation, psychological sociological spirit of society. The duet of moderators was provoking their famous guests for entertaining and filled with self-irony talks about the Europes influence for Lithuania and vice versa.