NGO “Galiu daugiau”: A big gift for us – not only to participate in trainings, but also to get to know other NGOs and understand what they are passionate about.

Categories: Talks and IdeasPublished On: 2024 May 10

Meet Onute Misiukevičiene and Raimonda Kurauskiene, the founders of NGO “Galiu daugiau”. They are currently participating in the long-term training program “NGO Academy. Social Leaders Program”. to enhance their knowledge and skills. Onute and Raimonda have long been passionate about social and emotional education, incorporating these ideas into their organization’s activities, aiming to include vulnerable groups and strengthen the psychological and emotional resilience of society members.

How would you introduce your organization to someone who has never heard of it before?

The motto of “Galiu daugiau” is that everyone of us can do more! The organization’s goal is to help people discover their power to take care of their own psycho-emotional well-being by providing knowledge and practical tools. We care that the people we meet on our path get along with themselves and others as well as possible. We conduct experiential psycho-emotional health trainings, social and emotional education seminars, and educational programs based on neuroeducation, mindfulness, and musical activities for typically developing and disabled children, their families, educators, social workers, and everyone who cares about their emotional well-being.

What motivated your organization to participate in the NGO Academy trainings?

Curiosity, a desire to expand our fields of knowledge, experience, and acquaintances, the opportunity to develop our personal and professional competencies, and to strengthen our organization in pursuit of high-quality, innovative, and meaningful activities led us to the NGO Academy.

What have you learned so far on this journey?

The “NGO Academy. Social Leaders Program” fully meets our expectations: we have prepared a strategic plan for the organization, clarified our areas of activity and the values that are important to follow, and expanded our project thinking. A great gift for us is not only to participate in the trainings of competent lecturers but also to get to know other NGO members, understand what they are passionate about, communicate, and draw ideas.