The Open Lithuania Foundation is a non-governmental organization that actively strengthens civil society in Lithuania as well as supports and promotes organizations working in the areas of human rights, democracy, and civic participation. For nearly 30 years, our mission has been to foster an open and democratic civil society. We envision a democratic Lithuania with active citizens engaged in decision-making and representing diverse interests. We seek to foster an inclusive society that embraces the diversity of people, opinions, and voices. We fulfill our mission by establishing and strengthening civic NGOs that support the idea of an open society.

The year when the Open Lithuania Foundation was launched
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We want our society to be democratic, open, and civic. One of the most important factors in building and sustaining such a society is a robust and dynamic non-governmental organization (NGO) sector. These organizations play a pivotal role in defending human rights and freedoms, as well as advocating for a broad spectrum of vulnerable and marginalized groups. We invite NGOs to participate in programs coordinated by the Open Lithuania Foundation and receive funding for their projects.

This program aims to reduce the incidence of gender-based violence in our society by mobilising and strengthening a wide range of NGOs in this field.

This program is designed to enhance the capabilities of NGOs, particularly those that are smaller in scale or located in regional areas. It encourages them to undertake projects that foster equality, solidarity, and civic participation in their communities.

Financed by the European Economic Area and Norwegian Grants, the fund bolsters Lithuanian civil society’s efforts in addressing issues such as human rights, equality, and democracy. The Open Lithuania Foundation administers the fund together with its partner OSLF Projects.

Projects implemented by the Open Lithuania Foundation focus on analyzing the challenges facing democracy, exploring diversity within historical contexts, and assessing the state of human rights. Working together with international partners, we advocate for a plurality of ideas, perspectives, and opinions. We encourage people to look at Lithuania’s experiences in a broader regional or historical context.

For nearly 30 years, the Open Lithuania Foundation has served as a catalyst for civic startups. The Arts Printing House, the Children Support Centre, the Discussion Festival Būtent and many others are among the organizations founded by the Open Lithuania Foundation.